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Complete Digital Integration

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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factoryCONNECT works with your existing sensors, PLC, SCADA, and other systems and collects data across your complete manufacturing process. factoryCONNECT also integrates with your business systems and gives you a holistic view of your plant.

Data Driven Decisions

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Key Functionality

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What’s measured, Improves

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factoryCONNECT helps you achieve Complete Digital Integration at your plant to capture the data at source across your entire manufacturing process. Helping you track and monitor critical quality and production parameters in real time. Custom Alerts and Notifications empowers your team to respond to situations quickly saving time and cost.

OEE Assessment

Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your equipment's performance, analyzing key metrics and benchmarking against industry standards. We gain insights into your current performance and identify areas for improvement, tailoring solutions to your unique needs.

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Data Collection And Analysis

Harnessing the power of real-time data is crucial. We integrate with your existing systems, collect data from sensors, machines, and production lines, and employ advanced analytics. This data-driven approach enables us to generate actionable insights and unlock opportunities for optimization.

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Performance Monitoring And Reporting

Visibility is paramount. Our robust monitoring system provides real-time visibility into your equipment's performance, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. We deliver customized reports tailored to your requirements, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your OEE metrics and progress.

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Process Optimization

Identifying opportunities for improvement is just the beginning. Our team collaborates with you to implement effective strategies. From equipment reconfiguration to workflow optimization and employee training programs, we help you unlock the full potential of your operations.

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Ongoing Support And Maintenance

Our commitment to your success extends beyond implementation. We provide ongoing support, maintenance, and performance monitoring to ensure that the improvements achieved through OEE are sustained. Our experts are always just a call away, ready to address any concerns and optimize your operations further.

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Unlock the true potential of your manufacturing operations with factoryCONNECT.

Why Choose factoryCONNECT?

Complete Data Transparency

factoryCONNECT provides real-time data on product genealogy, performance, traceability, material management, and work in progress (WIP). This comprehensive data allows decision-makers to better understand the current settings of the factory floor and optimize manufacturing processes.

Built-in Data Security

factoryCONNECT prioritizes data security by implementing robust encryption and authentication measures. This ensures that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access and potential breaches.

Role-Based Access

factoryCONNECT offers customizable access levels for different users, ensuring only authorized personnel can view and modify sensitive information. This helps maintain security and privacy within the organization.

Access from Anywhere

factoryCONNECT allows users to access the system from any location with an internet connection. This flexibility enables remote work and collaboration, improving efficiency and productivity.


Most common question about our services

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What is factoryCONNECT?

factoryCONNECT is an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution designed to provide real-time data collection, analytical capability, and seamless integration with critical enterprise software, enabling comprehensive monitoring and control of manufacturing processes.

What are the key benefits of factoryCONNECT?

factoryCONNECT offers a range of benefits, including real-time data monitoring, improved production optimization, increased productivity, enhanced production control, and the capability to monitor and harvest data from machines, cells, and devices across the factory floor.

How does factoryCONNECT integrate with existing systems?

factoryCONNECT integrates with existing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other production systems, allowing for the seamless collection, organization, and analysis of real-time production data across the entire manufacturing environment.

Can factoryCONNECT support predictive maintenance and remote diagnostic capabilities?

Yes, factoryCONNECT supports predictive maintenance and remote diagnostic capabilities, enabling manufacturers to detect potential faults early, reduce downtime, and facilitate remote issue resolution, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency.

Is factoryCONNECT scalable for different manufacturing environments?

factoryCONNECT is designed to be scalable and can be tailored to meet the specific monitoring and reporting needs of various manufacturing environments, making it an ideal solution for businesses of different sizes and industries.

How does factoryCONNECT ensure data security?

factoryCONNECT prioritizes data security and utilizes industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure that the monitored data is protected and only accessible to authorized personnel.

What kind of support is available for factoryCONNECT users?

factoryCONNECT users have access to comprehensive technical support and training to ensure they can maximize the benefits of the system and address any issues that may arise during implementation and usage.

Can factoryCONNECT be customized to specific manufacturing needs?

Yes, factoryCONNECT can be customized to meet the specific monitoring and reporting needs of different manufacturing environments, ensuring that it provides tailored and actionable insights for each user.

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