PLM Connectors

We have experience of working with pretty much all major PLM applications. Our engineers are extremely comfortable with API (application programming interfaces) toolkits for all major PLM applications like Teamcenter, Windchill, Innovia, CIMDB, SAP PLM.
We can help you develop a connector for your application to fetch and set data with various PLM systems. PLM Connectors allow product engineering teams to digitally access, share and manage product definitions. They also allow users to import revisions from CAD models and assemblies directly. These connectors can be configured to work with various data sources, including 3D models, assemblies, drawings, and drawings with parts list tables. These connectors are designed to add value, not subtract it. A PLM connector can connect a design team that uses a common CAD system and a PLM system that uses a different architecture.

Why do you need a PLM connector

  • 1) PLM connectors help product engineering teams share and access product definitions. They also let engineers import revisions directly from CAD models. Using a PLM connector, engineers can find CAD models and assemblies using a simple search feature. The connector also provides hyperlinks between CAD models and assemblies to simplify sharing and referencing.
  • 2) PLM connectors help product development teams share data and information from various organizational departments and teams. It helps to improve productivity and streamline processes. Moreover, they give design teams access to information from marketing, sales, and customer service, which is important for a successful product development process. A central repository makes the data easily accessible and can be correlated to planned product innovations.
  • 3) PLM connectors can be accessed from multiple devices and workstations. It means that data can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. It helps in reducing transmission errors and improving data quality.
  • 4) PLM connectors also allow you to share information with other departments and clients and respond to client queries instantly. By centralizing the information, teams can work efficiently and increase revenue.


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Prescient Technologies does not share or disclose your information to third parties. We value your privacy.

    Allow us to help you!!

      Prescient Technologies does not share or disclose your information to third parties. We value your privacy.