CAD software Development

Developing CAD software is our passion. Over last 2 decades we have worked with variety of companies worldwide in different domains solving some of their most complex problems. Our team of software engineers is always keen to take on the next challenge.

Whether you are an established company or a start-up, with our skills, expertise and passion, we can definitely add a great value to your organization. As your outsourcing partner, we help you in development so that you can focus on the other critical business activities.

Our software development team virtually acts like your extended team, reducing your time to market your product to your customers.

Our expertise in CAD can help you develop that new product or that piece of technology that you need for your business.

Connect with us NOW, to see how we can add value to your organization.

What we can do for you

Product Development

We take end to end responsibility for developing your product from concept to installer. Our team has developed numerous products in a variety of products for different industries. Consider as your extended team.

Technology Development

Often times you need a particular piece of technology developed to fit into your application. We can certainly help you with any such development effort. We can work with you to develop custom solution for your needs.

Product Maintenance

We can also take care of your product maintenance needs. Our team has many years of experience of developing, testing and maintaining software products.

Our Skills

Global analytic solution of fully-observed variational.

1) Cad Kernel Development 2) Data Translators 3) Sketchers and Constraint Solvers 4) Surface fitting 5) Computational Geometry

Collecting meaningful and real-time data & Improve reporting

1) Desktop Applications 2) Cloud / Web based Applications 3) Mobile Applications 4) CAD Add Ons

Visualize & interprete data and present your findings.

1) Complete Application Development 2) UI and Usability Improvement 3) Application Migration 4) Application Reengineering

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Ultimate Guide to CAD Software Development!!

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    Prescient Technologies does not share or disclose your information to third parties. We value your privacy.

      Allow us to help you!!

        Prescient Technologies does not share or disclose your information to third parties. We value your privacy.