Exchange by Prescient is the best in class reader/converter for STEP and IGES. Insta3D View leverages the power of multiple cores on modern multi-core machines and produce accurate results lightening fast. These are equipped with healers that take care of most of the problematic parts and makes them kosher for the applications to use.
These translators also support stitching of surfaces to get a solid model.

Salient Features

Conversion to BSpline/NURBS:

The reader converts the analytical data (e.g. circle, ellipse, cylinder, sphere, cone etc.) into NURBS format.

Conversion to BRep:

The surface and solid models are converted into b-rep representation format.

Creating PCurves from 3D curves:

The p-curves (2D trimming curves) are created from 3D trimming curves of face.

Correction of orientation:

The orientation of faces is corrected.


The independent faces are stitched together using a specified tolerance and surface or solid b-rep is created.

Removing sliver faces:

This functionality removes a very sliver faces from imported b-rep model.

Seam shifting:

This functionality is used to create a valid and single face from face having 3D curves which crosses seam of face. Algorithm modifies the surface such that the seam gets shifted to desired location without modifying its geometry.


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