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Smart Design

Through deep research, technological insights, and design strategies, our smart design solutions humanize products, services, and experiences. Our offerings include

Smart Manufacturing

In smart manufacturing we identify opportunities for automating operations and use data analytics to improve manufacturing performance. Our services include

Interconneced Systems

In Industry 4.0 interconnected systems plays an important role in linking the physical and digital world of product and processes. The services we provide include

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) automates complex repeatable, multistep business transactions so that they can be tailored specifically to the organization’s needs. This include

Smart Factory


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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the large-scale exodus of the manufacturing sector and other domains from the traditional, analogue, manual mode of work toward digital technologies.

What are the steps to create an ideal Digital Transformation strategy?

Get your employees onboard Frame a great budget Examine your current digital readiness Create a list of goals and milestones Mend the weaknesses and drawbacks Create a roadmap

What are some examples of Digital Transformation services?

Artificial Intelligence such as chatbots, machine learning; product customization and configurators; social media handles; self-service UI; business process automation are some examples of digital transformation services.

What is a Digital Transformation Services Company?

A digital transformation services company is a consultant who creates digital transformation strategy, offers expert suggestions based on market data, and help other companies develop & implement an effective digital ecosphere via means of digital technologies.

What are the top 5 Digital Transformation technologies?

Internet of Things (IoT) Artificial Intelligence Cloud Infrastructure Big data/Analytics Nano Technology

What are the types of Digital Transformation?

Process Transformation Business Model Transformation Domain Transformation Cultural/Organizational Transformation

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Prescient Technologies does not share or disclose your information to third parties. We value your privacy.

    Allow us to help you!!

      Prescient Technologies does not share or disclose your information to third parties. We value your privacy.