Simulation mode software tool for bone implant visualization


The Client

VMP Ortho Innovations develops software solution for accurate guidewire positioning in fracture surgery. The solution is based on Dr. Vijay Panchanadikar’s patented idea for prediction and visualization of future bone implants based on current position of guide wire.

Client Requirement

Developing a software application that predicts and visualizes the future position of bone implants like plates, screw nails inside the bone based on the current position of guide wire or plate placed on the surface of the bone in 2D and 3D mode by using navigation software and jigs.

The Challenges

The Solution

The Result

Vijay Panchanadikar
Dr. Vijay Panchanadikar 
Orthopaedic Surgeon,
Founder VMP Ortho Innovations.
There could not have been a better alternative…
“It was a chance meeting with the Prescient team that set the ball rolling. Initially I was skeptical but their attitude “Together we can” inspired confidence. ”Hand-holding” by Prescient was exemplary and that was crucial for a start-up like ours. Our project in Orthopaedic navigation involved totally new objectives in as yet unexplored areas to be achieved with innovative steps in CAD domain. Few years down the line together we have added a chapter at the very edge of scientific knowledge. Thanks to Prescient our software idea has now evolved into a full-fledged market-ready product. Today I am convinced that there could not have been a better alternative.”

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