Pravin Waghmare

President And Chief Executive Officer

A veteran in CAD/CAM and Algorithmic software development with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Pravin is passionate about Mathematics, Algorithms, and Engineering. It is this passion that is seen in the very DNA of the organization, Prescient Technologies, he founded in Dec 2000.

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About Pravin Waghmare

For over last 30 years he has developed a large number of algorithms in a variety of areas like CAD, Reverse Engineering, Image Processing, Vision Systems, Machine learning etc. Pravin, who is an IIT Bombay alumnus, greatly enjoys working on the real-life challenges faced by the R&D teams in a variety of industries. He believes that every problem is an opportunity and is always keen to find an innovative solution to the problem. As a hands-on leader, he is very much involved in the several critical initiatives of the organization and is often found working with the teams solving their challenging problems. He also works as a mentor and a guide for many University students pursuing their engineering degree.

CAD/CAM Software Development
Reverse Engineering
Image Processing
Vision Systems
Machine learning