Mesh Tools: The Mesh Tools Library

Mesh Tools library offers a comprehensive set of operation for meshes for all your needs. This library developed in C++ can handle large meshes and has a small memory foot print. It can be easily integrated in to your product.

Mesh Tools Salient Features

  • Comprehensive set of tools for mesh editing
  • Excellent healing capability including hole filling
  • Optimizes performance for handling large meshes
  • Useful in variety of domains like Engineering, Healthcare, Jewellery, 3D Printing etc

Benefits of Mesh Tools

  • A single comprehensive library for your mesh editing needs
  • Robust library providing accurate results
  • Works with large meshes
  • Easy to integrate in your application
  • No dependency on third party libraries
  • Flexible licensing schemes


     Mesh Tools Library is developed by Prescient Technologies which is certified by ISO:9001, ISO:27001 and CMMI Level 3.

For a demo version or more details please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.