Mesh Boolean: The Mesh Boolean library

Mesh Boolean is a C++ based library developed for performing Boolean operations of triangular meshes. This library takes the input meshes and performs boolean operations such as Unite, Subtract and Intersect on the meshes.

Mesh Boolean Salient Features

  • Works with Open and Closed meshes
  • Supports Union, Subtract (Cut) and Intersect
  • Handles overlapping regions well
  • Can handle large meshes with millions of triangles
  • Solves situations where slivers are created as results
  • Fast processing and can be used for simulation
  • Flexible licensing scheme

Mesh Boolean Benefits

  • A robust library that is well tested in variety of domains
  • Mesh Boolean library can work with very large meshes, so it is extremely scalable 
  • Mesh Boolean library has very small memory footprint
  • Mesh Boolean library is very fast and can be used for simulation purposes as well
  • Mesh Boolean library is backed by a very capable and dedicated development team



Mesh Boolean Library is developed by Prescient Technologies which is certified by ISO:9001, ISO:27001 and CMMI Level 3. 


For a demo version or more details please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.