Maharashtra Flood - Aug 2019

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

We have witnessed how the recent floods have ravaged properties, lives, and livestock across the State of Maharashtra and surrounding regions. Adhering to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we appealed to our people to come forward and lend helping hands to fellow citizens in distress. Our prescient employees responded to the same and took the initiative by extending their support and contributing to the recently affected regions of Kolhapur, Sangli, and the nearby area due to floods. With the help of Jnana Prabodhini team, they formed an action force to carry out restoration tasks in the mentioned areas.

They left Pune on Friday evening, 23-08-2019, and reached the affected regions of Jaisingpur, Rajapurwadi, and Narsobachi wadi, Sangli the very next day and immediately engaged in clean-up activities.

On the second day, the action team divided into two parts with female employees conducting survey work which also included rationing of commodities and providing medical kits to affected people, while male employees were engaging in setting up of damaged houses. They invested their valuable time and energy for this noble work, and Prescient Technologies takes pride in such endeavors.

We at Prescient Technologies believe in upkeeping humanitarian values, and we understand our corporate social responsibility towards the upliftment of society. We are pleased to say that many of our employees wanted to volunteer for this noble work and we encourage more and more people to come forward and participate in such great cause. Giving back to our society has always been the biggest motto of our corporate social responsibility, and we intend to abide by the same, all the time.

“We attended the help camp at Jaisingpur to help people in flood-affected regions of Sangli and Kolhapur district. We carried out different activities for helping people out there including Cleaning of School, Temple; Surveying of people to find out the status of help received by them, to understand their need; Helping in the distribution of necessary items for living; Cleaning the debris of collapsed houses. The experience was very satisfying, People welcomed us very nicely and took good care of us. After completion of work, they were very thankful. Even in the situation of severe crisis, they were offering us snacks, tea, etc. That was very lovely. We came to know about the loss faced by those people and their willingness and hard work to restore everything back, which was very inspiring. We met very nice people during this work who were helping others selflessly. Thanks for giving me this chance to be of help to those in need.” – Shridhar, a volunteer