Software platform for accurate, reliable, cost-effective takeoff and estimation

The Client

CADMATE Takeoff is one of the flagship products by CADMATE Software. It is the next generation software with an optimized platform mounted on a high-speed robust engine providing, unparalleled, enhanced features, and improved drafting capabilities through flexible operating methods.

Client Requirement

Developing a software application that brings accurate, reliable, and fast takeoff quantity. The aim of the software is to be a standalone, user-friendly platform to calculate estimation without consuming too much time.

The Challenges

  • The available estimation and takeoff solutions in the industry are too expensive or don’t meet customer expectation
  • Calculation of waste factors which is time consuming and detail oriented
  • Avoiding double count or disregard of any material

The Solution

  • Image processing of intra-operative medical images acquired using C-ARM
  • A user-friendly interface with real time detection of surgical tools, implementation on different bones
  • Different functionalities and a vast library of bones, implants, and accessories for seamless simulation platform
  • Different simulation modes to assist different workflows

The Result

  • Enables accurate positioning of an implant using fractured X-rays
  • Orthopedic surgeons can use this navigation software for preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance
  • Reduces trial and error in guidewire and implant positioning, improve accuracy, reduce surgery time and number of C-ARM shoots
  • Helps planning and simulation of the operation process before surgery
  • Visualizes implant and bone position in 2D and 3D before surgery
Dr Vijay Panchanadikar
Stanley Sunny
CADMATE Software
Professionalism and work ethics…
"The level of professionalism and work ethic you bring to the table is simply great. The fact that clicked the most is when you took complete responsibility for our product development and the outcome is exactly what we desired. Thank you Prescient."

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