An integrated solution to address vehicular visibility requirements for safety

The Client

The client is a renowned multinational technology company specializing in developing 3D product design, manufacturing, simulation, information intelligence, product lifecycle management, and other CAD software.

Client Requirement

Developing a software application consisting of a suite of specialised tools & functions within NXTM which help compute the vehicular visibility requirements against international vehicle vision standards and customized Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS) scenarios.
An integrated solution to address vehicular visibility requirements for safety solutions

The Solution

  • Enabling validation in the preliminary and detailed stage of the design process
  • Support one of the critical aspects of ADAS; Blind Spot Detection
  • Combined various vision cases such as direct (naked eye), mirrors, camera, combined effect, and positioning.
  • Incorporate various industry-standard as aligned with ISO, ECE, and SAE.

The Result

  • Associative update of checks to base dimensions and geometry
  • Supports multiple vehicle loadings and human ergonomic profile percentiles
  • Automatic geometry creation and integrated compliance checks with visual reporting
  • Enables switching on and off different vision devices to see the output accordingly
  • Allows setting up 360 o or user-defined head movement
  • Includes multiple international vision standards for various vehicle classes
  • Includes multiple vision devices and scenarios

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