Electronic Product Catalogs

More and more companies are now going for Electronic Product Catalogs and are making necessary CAD data about their products available to their customers and prospects.

There are many benefits of electronic product catalogs, they,

  • Help your prospects take quicker decision about your product
  • Help you showcase your product changes quickly and effectively
  • Avoid last minute surprises and installation nightmares
  • Give you an edge over your competition

So if you are thinking of making your product information online, here are the few decisions that you need to make.

  1. The Product: You may have dozens or even hundreds of products in your portfolio. You could apply the 80-20 rule and decide a set of products that gives you maximum coverage.
  2. The Platform: Most obvious choice is to make it available on your website. However you could choose to make a Phone App or you could create a DVD (in case you have very large number of products).
  3. The Data format: You need to decide what data you wish to make available, some of the points to be decided here are 2D data vs 3D data, GA or schematic vs to the scale drawings, dumb 3D models vs parametric models etc.
  4. The Technology: At a high level there are two main approaches to solving this, “Pre-Cooked” and “On-The-Fly”. In the Pre Cooked method, data for all configurations of your products is as the name suggests, are kept in repository, and is delivered on demand. This option is good if the number of unique configurations of your products are on a lower side say up to few hundreds. The “On-The-Fly” method generates the necessary data in real time using certain master models. It can very easily handle any number of unique product configurations that you may have

To summarize, Electronic Product Catalogs can greatly help your business and give you an edge over the competition.

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