RevLib: Features

Key Features of RevLib

  • Point Cloud Processing
    • Registration
    • Outlier removal
    • Noise reduction
    • Decimation
  • Triangulation of Point Cloud (Meshing)
  • Mesh Processing
    • Smoothening
    • Decimation
    • Refinement
    • Hole filling
    • Mesh Healing (orientation correction, sliver removal, etc)
  • Detection of planar region in point cloud
  • Sharpening of filleted edge of mesh data
  • Can handle large data well (up to 20 million data points)


Technical Features of the library

  • Developed in C++
  • Available as lib or dll
  • Compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit 
  • Parallel processed algorithms for greater speed
  • Small memory footprint

For a demo version or more details please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.