RevLib: FAQs

RevLib is a C++ library developed for reverse engineering applications. Revlib performs three main operations, Point Cloud Processing, Meshing (Triangulation) and Mesh Processing. The library is available in lib and DLL form and can be easily integrated into any application.

Revlib offers following functionalities

1.       Point Cloud Processing

a.       Outlier removal

b.      Noise reduction

c.       Decimation

d.      Registration

2.       Meshing (Triangulation)

3.       Mesh Processing

a.       Mesh smoothening

b.      Mesh Refinement

c.       Mesh decimation

d.      Hole filling

e.      Orientation correction

f.       Sliver removal

Yes, RevLib works with both structured as well as unstructured point cloud data sets.

You could send a mail to and we will send you the RevLib SDK along with a sample program to help you integrate RevLib into your application. You could use our evaluation license for up to 90 days.

Alternately, we would be happy to work on your data and generate the results for you. (at no cost or obligation to you).

RevLib uses Parallel Processed algorithms that utilize multiple cores available on modern machines, which makes RevLib very fast. A great care is also taken to optimize the memory footprint of the application.

Please send a mail to and we will get in touch with you with all the details. For RevLib we offer Perpetual licensing as well as Annual Subscription model.

We offer an email and phone based support for our customers. Support is just a mail/call away.

We would be very glad to take the responsibility of integrating RevLib into your application. However this will be at a nominal extra charges.