Engagement Models

Product Development:

Our team of skilled engineers can help you with developing your product or part of your product. With our decades of experience in software development we add great value to your product and help you take your products to the market faster.

Technology Development:

Often times you are looking for some technology that you would like to integrate into your application. We can certainly help you build such technologies either based on some of our own technologies or some available open source technologies.

Technology Integration:

We could also help integrate some of our technologies (Mesh Boolean, Mesh Tools, RevLib, Exchange translators) into your application. 

Product Migration:

If you are looking to migrate your product we could take the complete ownership of re-engineering your product. We could migrate your applications say from VB, Fortran or some other language to modern languages like C++, dot NET etc.

Resource Augmentation:

Many times all that you need is a skilled resources to assist your development team. We could help you quickly add more resources to your development team to help you shorten your development time.