Product Configurator: How does it work

How Does it Work

Typically, we provide a hosted solution (on private cloud for your data security) that can be accessed by any computer/tablet/smart phone. The data is collected from the user, is taken to the Product Configurator (hosted on your secured network). The output is processed in real time (a minute or so) and the results (2D drawings /3D models) are mailed to the user.

 Prescient Product Configurator: How does it work


You are in total control

Our Product Configurator puts you in total control.

  • Your IP always stays inside your secured network
  • You decide the data format (GA drawing, STEP/IGES, or native CAD data)
  • You decide the level of detail of the output

Product Configurator: Under Your Control


Product configurator is a design automation solution that works on parameter driven design. We can create a complete model on the fly by entering a few key parameters. Our Product Configurator solution is based on proven and tested CAD neutral architecture. So we can work with CAD system that you use (NX, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Creo (Pro/E), AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and others).