Product Configurator: FAQs

With ever increasing versions of products and ever evolving designs, it's a challenge to allow your customers to configure your products to suit their needs and provide them with CAD Models of your products. Often the sales process is extended because of delay in obtaining CAD data or the Price Quote for the configuration selected by the Customer.

Our Product Configurator Solution can help you address this and give you an edge over competition.


No, It is a customized solution built on the proven and tested platform. It needs customization so that we can address the needs of your products.


Your data (IP) remains secured within your internal network. You have total control over what data is generated from the system, eg, for customers you may choose to generate schematic drawings only (without much details), or for your sales team you may want more detailed drawings/models, for your manufacturing team you may want all the necessary information.


You can decide if you wish to allow users to connect to your system from the internet or not. You could restrict it to your internal team by hosting it on intranet or specific identified machines in your organizations. 


The architecture is CAD neutral and can work with any CAD system. So rest assured we have your CAD system covered.


The flexible architecture of our Product Configurator can easily accommodate your design changes.


The modular and extendible nature of our Product Configurator makes it very easy to add new product lines.


Please write to and we will be glad to help you further.