CAD Customization

CAD Customization: Macros

Macros are typically small programs developed on the base CAD system that help in,

  • Performing a set of repetitive actions in a single click
  • Customizing the behavior of a default command
  • Perform certain specified actions (like hiding entities, turning layers on/off etc)
  • Extract specific information from geometry

Entity Info Macro: Solid Edge



BOM Extraction Macro: Solid Edge

Extract desired information (for parts) from input draft file and insert it into MS Access database


  • Load input draft file in Solid Edge
  • Get list of parts associated with draft file
  • Get part properties e.g. Part Number, Description, Length, Weight, Material, Center of Mass, Bounding box etc
  • Add part properties in Access DB in specified table format

Drawing Creation Macro: AutoCAD